Sunday 24 March 2019

Finding my crafting feet!

Well I've had a busy crafting week, renewing forgotten skills and visiting old and some new friends in blog land. It's been lovely to see how some things have changed and how some have stayed just the same!  I received another really quick delivery from Hobby Art this week and quickly inked the stamps up. A subject dear to my heart again, not birds but bees!

Here's   what I made 

I just knew the honeycomb would bridge the gap in another impossible card.  

Not done with the birds though, just arrived home from a run up the dale (I live in the Yorkshire Dales) and I've seen Buzzards, Barn Owls, Pied Wagtails, Curlews to name but a few and hundreds of these amazing birds 

Lapwings. They have amazingly iridescent feathers when you see them in real life. This is a paperweight I picked up from some cheapy shop which originally had an olde worlds map picture in it, so I soaked it overnight to get the picture off then cut a leftover pic of the lapwing from Hobby Arts Seashore Bundle using a spellbinder circular die and smothered it in glossy accents to stick it to the paperweight. 
It has always sat on my desk but now I like the picture that's in it, and when I get bored of it, I can soak it again and change it.

My other business of the week has been tidying my craft room. Unfortunately on the back of one of my cupboard doors I cam across some strips of old denim jeans which have been in the way of the door closing properly for years so I thought I'd tidy them away.

Now I've got to tidy away the peg loom and the bits of thread I've cut off after finishing the rug. Great way to use up old jeans though!

Hope you've have had as enjoyable a day as I have.
X Michelle


Sally H said...

Wow! You have been busy! loving your hobby art makes - those sets are all waiting on my desk to be inked up. Loving the honeycomb on your card! Your paperweight is just beautiful too! (Must keep my eyes peeled for a cheap paperweight) Sounds like you saw plenty of wildlife on your run. Good to have you back x

Michelle said...

Have had a look for paperweights Sally, fancied doing some more Amazon / EBay about £4-5 cheapest but I see the works have a paperweight crafting set (not domes though flat discs) might check that out! Thanks for commenting x

Nicky said...

Hi Michelle,great to see you back in blog land with all your creative makes. Love your card with the honeycomb bridging the gaps. Hope you have been well love Nicky

debby4000 said...

Oh I love the bee card and love how you've made a rug with jeans.