Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Yep I really am! Guilty of buying stamps which have languished in my stash for over 4 years without being used. In truth I don't know how 4 years have passed without my being aware of them but that's another story. I'm here and present now so that's what matters, and I'm rooting out all those stamps which haven't seen light of day for so long, like these little lavinias.

It's been a weird sort of journey this return to crafting, I seem to have lost confidence and ideas, so have been trawling Pintrest to find inspiration. These cards are similar to some I saw on the Lavinia pintrest page. I have been finding creations I admire, working out the techniques used this o make them and then trying to create something using those techniques. (Ever the technique junkie!)

There are many stunning cards using torn paper stencilling for snow and a touch of colour behind the full moon so I thought I'd have a go.

Quite pleased with the results.

The stamps used to create these cards have definitely not been languishing though. These have snuck through my letter box, scampered onto my desk and into my inky fingers almost before the postie has had chance to get them out of his bag. This one I'm particularly pleased with

I've used the same techniques that I've shown you in previous posts, inspired by Mimi, but instead of using distress inks to watercolour, I've used Moon Shadow Inks which were given to me by the lovely peeps at The Stamp Man. Now these had been languishing in my cupboard for many more than four years and some had dried up but adding water and shaking vigorously soon had them back to their brilliantly shiny selves and I love the effect of the glittery dye ink.

I've used the Moon shadow inks on these cards too.

I had a play with distress oxide backgrounds, splodging the ink pad onto craft mat, spraying with water then dipping my card, again reminded of this technique by watching demos on You Tube (gonna have to remember to link these) . I stamped over the backgrounds  with Bundled sage ink using a stamping up script stamp then stamped my Penny Black image with memento grey ink. A quick lick with the Moon Shadow inks left me smiling.

One thing I have learned in the last few years - art doesn't have to be perfect to give pleasure, either in the creating of it or in the enjoyment of looking at it. So here are my very imperfect cards which have given immense pleasure in the creating of them. Thanks so much to all you fellow crafters who post your wonderful inspiration on social media. You've led me to rekindle my love of art techniques and encouraged the confidence for me to take a technique and try it with different media. Loving the journey!

X Michelle

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Michelle a la Mimi

Ok, ok, I did it!! I confess! I've been and gone and bought more stamps! You know those Penny Black stamps that Mimi demonstrates so beautifully on Facebook, well I just needed them soooooo badly! I've followed Mimi's most amazing tutorials here and finally think I may have created something that is passable. (You should see how many are in the bin!) 

I've used distress inks and distress pens to ink up the stamps then pretty much copied Mimi's water colouring techniques, she makes it look so easy! I think the secret is not to overwork with the brush, but try as I might I haven't quite got the 'watercolour' technique just right. Still as I often say to Liam, "practice makes perfect" I do so hope that's true!

It's been a special day today, after many moons hiding away from the world, I had lunch out with a friend and fellow crafter. What a joy to spend time with someone who's company is so enjoyable. Thanks Lisa X

Hope you're all managing to enjoy your days, despite the weather, it's perfect weather for crafting!

X Michelle

Friday, 1 September 2017

Shiny things!

I've had this house thingy for many years waiting to be altered. I finally got round to painting and decorating it some while ago and at the time meant to embellish it with miniature sewing ephemera, (just realised I've used some of my precious hand made lace on it), but, doesn't it fit my glittery salty paper pots wonderfully?

Now it sits on my windowsill waiting for me to choose just the right sort of glitter for each project! I really love it with my glitter pots in but did like it with a sewing theme. Not sure which I'll go with but for now I'm enjoying playing with shiny things again.

Off to play with more shiny things now, might make something for the Lavinia Stamps Challenge. Now what colour glitter do I need for that?.........

Back soon and a big thank you for coming to have a look see and for your comments, both here and on Facebook.

X Michelle