Sunday, 7 December 2014

Back from the abyss

It's been a while (again) after coming out of hospital it feels like I've been in no mans land for so very long. I've not been idle though, I've any amount of crafty things to show you from spinning to knitting, crochet, felt making, rug making, paper making and of course the occasional journey into paper crafting. It's been difficult going into my craft room though so the inks and paints have stayed in the cupboard for so long. It's that time of year though isn't it? All the bits I've been making have to be transformed into presents!

So here's the first!

I bet everyone has got one of these knocking about in the cupboard under the stairs! The Rubicks cube, how did we ever live without it? I found one up in the loft and brought it down with someone special in mind! Why does this strange little object grab us all, is it just a man thing? I know someone who just won't be able to stop himself taking up this challenge.
The stamps of course are indigo blu and speaking of stamps, I haven't bought a new stamp since I was in hospital, now you'll know how I'll I've been! 

Such a lot has happened while I've been off the radar, not least the loss of a dear crafting friend and whilst most stuff has been painful amongst it all I have found such support from unexpected places, mostly from people I havn't yet met. So thank you so very much for you messages of love, in a world where there is much trouble, joy lies in our relationships with others.

Off to make more Christmas pressies now

X Michelle

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A stitch out of time

I thought I would have a go at a few challenges again this week so to start the week I'm going to enter the Try it on Tuesday challenge where the theme is more than one fold. I had a look in blogland for inspiration and was reminded of one of my favorite cards to make.

Yep the good old favorite with a sewing theme. This is a card to myself to remind me why fighting this battle with my thoughts.

I'm loving the colour combo too, Victorian rose and pumice stone with a touch of black soot to bring it all together.

So I'm going to enter the Try it in Tuesday challenge and enter it for their DT call. I thought it would be a nice gentle way to get me back into the swing of things. Wish me luck
X Michelle

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The birds and the beads

I've been working in miniature this week, did some tiny things with Lavinia stamps and now used a little set I bought months ago and just inked up for the first time.

I made it for a challenge which was to use beads, but now I can't remember which challenge it was or even if it is a current challenge. Really I ought to be locked up, I'm dangerous! Oops I forgot, I already am lol. It's a miniature exploding box, all of 4 cm square.

I've loved playing around with such small stamps, think I'll use them tomorrow to make a few cards. Off to have a look for the challenge blog so I can enter.

Bye for Now
X Michelle

Ha! Not found the challenge I was looking for but the Simon Says Monday Challenge is winged things so here goes!

Now I've remembered why I was messing with beads! Try it on Tuesday also have beads as their challenge. It's hard to believe that Janet and I started this challenge so long ago and it's still going strong . They have a dt call out at the moment. Now I wonder.........