Sunday, 4 January 2015

Welcome Little One

Just found this photo on my phone and realised that I probably haven't posted it on here. I made it for my niece and her new baby, Amelia who was born last March and thoroughly enjoyed making it.
The box is made so that the sides create a frame and then the shelf was added to carry the toys. They are stamped from the set which has shelves with different bits on them. Wish I could remember what it's called!
The 'book ' on the lid off the box is die cut using a spellbinders die. I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out.
Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I'd forgotten what a difference they make to my life. Have a lovely Sunday 
X Michelle 

Friday, 2 January 2015

A close shave

As always I've made quite a few of my Christmas pressies and this was one I've enjoyed making immensely. The shaving soap is citrus flavour and is simply melt and pour soap with the addition of olive oil and kaolin to give it a good slip when shaving.

To finish the kit I added a shaving brush and a 100% cotton, hand knitted face cloth, knitted fairly loosely to ensure it rinses out well. The box was made out of Kanban Papers with a tag made using the robin stamps from Woodware.
'Twas lovely starting my creative Christmas making these. Men's pressies are always difficult but these did the trick for some of the many men in my life.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and wishing you all you would wish for yourself in the coming year.
Much love
Michelle x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Back from the abyss

It's been a while (again) after coming out of hospital it feels like I've been in no mans land for so very long. I've not been idle though, I've any amount of crafty things to show you from spinning to knitting, crochet, felt making, rug making, paper making and of course the occasional journey into paper crafting. It's been difficult going into my craft room though so the inks and paints have stayed in the cupboard for so long. It's that time of year though isn't it? All the bits I've been making have to be transformed into presents!

So here's the first!

I bet everyone has got one of these knocking about in the cupboard under the stairs! The Rubicks cube, how did we ever live without it? I found one up in the loft and brought it down with someone special in mind! Why does this strange little object grab us all, is it just a man thing? I know someone who just won't be able to stop himself taking up this challenge.
The stamps of course are indigo blu and speaking of stamps, I haven't bought a new stamp since I was in hospital, now you'll know how I'll I've been! 

Such a lot has happened while I've been off the radar, not least the loss of a dear crafting friend and whilst most stuff has been painful amongst it all I have found such support from unexpected places, mostly from people I havn't yet met. So thank you so very much for you messages of love, in a world where there is much trouble, joy lies in our relationships with others.

Off to make more Christmas pressies now

X Michelle