Saturday, 14 February 2009

Well the day has dawned!! What day? Valentines day, a day which is generally ignored by most in our household but not this year! A flurry of activity earlier this week in ordering flowers for Liam's fiance left me wondering if anyone would bother with me and surprise surprise he did. A single red rose arrangement was delivered for me and a card!! I'm smiling!

Made me feel guilty for cobbling this card together late last night and not having a present for him but I'll be nice to him all day instead lol. Having some time out for ourselves aswell today so best get sorted.
By for now x Michelle


yvonne said...

This card is truly stunning.
love the colours so beautiful.
opps , sorry , i came across your blog from another site. your cards are out of this world. i myself have not done alot of this kind of craft ( card making yes) but i have just got into this kind of work ( ok still learning) but still not happy yet. your blog is so helpful to see what colours work, and how to put things together. keep up the lovely work you do.

joolsedesigns said...

Hi Michelle thanks for coming by my blog I too nicknamed him robo cop lol

You have some faaby cards on you blog