Friday, 15 May 2009

DU2DS Challenge Lilac and Lemon & Cloning!

Well another day of trauma yesterday and a very late DT card for DU2DS, but all's well that ends well....I happened to check Liam's bank account to make sure he was not without cash whilst he is away in London and had the shock of my life to find out that his bank had been cleared out by payments in a tattoo parlour. Major Panic!! I know he wanted a tattoo but didn't think he would go through with it, then I realised that the £280 had been drawn yesterday in Blackburn and he is in London. Even Bigger Panic!!!!! What is he doing in Blackburn????

After a few desperate phone calls I established he was still in London and his cards were grasped firmly in his hand, his card had been cloned and someone had cleared out his account. He will get it back from the bank but it may take a while. The Moral......please, please make sure you cover your hands when you're entering your pin and try to use bank machines rather than shop ones - there is more opportunity for ne'r do wells to mess around with machines that are behind supermarkets etc than there are oh high street banks!

Anyway back to business! Didn't have much time to produce my DT Card so I plumped for a technique which needs very little coloring. Printed the image out twice and coloured a small portion of the second image which I then cut out and mounted to 'spotlight' the coloured area. A bit of matting and layering and Hey Presto....Great technique to produce quick but elegant cards!

Cardstock - Kanban
Image - Sketching Stamper
Coloured with Prismacolors
Punches - Stampin Up
Ribbon - Stash
Emblishment made from odd beads.

Hope your having a good day and don't forget to stay safe!
x Michelle


Clarky J said...

OMg thats awful Michelle thank goodness you keep tags on his money! Hope it gets sorted quickly lucky Liams on good terms with his bank manager!
Love the card - think the technique is called spotting I have tried it a couple of times and never been happy with the results but as ever look at you - a gorgeous card whipped up quick!

Sylvia said...

Wow Michelle, this is fabulous! Love how you used the spotlight technique on this card! And I love this neat little flower charm added to the ribbon :-)
{love} Sylvia

yvonne said...

Suich a simple but beautiful card.
Love the way you have used just a part of the stamp to highlight it. Wehn i read purple and lemon .. urm must say was a bit miffed , lol But .. wow stunning colours.

As for the bank ... omg .. you must have been in a state of shock , glad they will re emburst you tho.

Debs said...

Hi thanks for the lovely comments on our cards etc. It's a pain how blogs appear and disappear off your blog lists, and you have to become a follower again. Hope Liam is okay after his awful experience. Bee and Dee xx

Debs said...

sorry forgot to say great card I love spotlighting but don't do it often enough Bee

Chris said...

Beautiful card Michelle and very elegant. I really was sorry to read about Liam's bank card nightmare, it's very worrying that we always have to be thinking about where we get our money out these days. Glad the bank will reimburse the funds at least. Hope you have a good weekend. Chris x

Caroline said...

what a nightmare for you and your son, glad it will get sorted... grrrr blinking thieves. On to your card, as you say very elegant and produced very quickly well done xx

lisa said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Michelle. Small world isn't it! It's lovely to know there are so many crafters nearby.
Love your cards. I shall be a frequent visitor from now on.
Sorry to hear about your son's card. You have got to be so careful haven't you. Thankgoodness you spotted it quickly.


Sandra said...

What a great technique to remember when a card in needed in a hurry :) Still can't believe what happened to Liam. It's the stuff of newspapers, not people you know.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Sandra x

Donna said...

Beautiful card Michelle, love the way you have highlighted part of the image. So sorry to hear about friends card was cloned recently in Sainsbury's petrol station....the police told her that the cards are cloned by someone sitting nearby with a laptop, somehow they hack into the card machines using software loaded on the laptop :( Donna x

Michelle said...

It's incredible what technology can do and it's wonderful when used for honest purposes (like crafting) but quite scary to think that we are so vulnerable. Thanks everyone for your support and kind comments.
x M