Sunday, 9 August 2009

Oh No! Gone and done it again!!

Well I thought I was being so very clever having got my DT entry in early and scheduled it to post while I was away on holiday for a few days, only to find when I returned today that DU2DS went two weekly during the week and my DT card Blue, Green and White wasn't due until this week. What a calamity!!!!!!!!!!

Well I can't do anything to change it now so I'll just have to promise not to do it again (fingers crossed behind my back) and to improve on the design before the 14th August, and if any of you havn't already twigged DU2DS IS NOW GOING TO BE LAUNCHED EVERY 2 WEEKS DURING THE HOLS.

There! I think I may have got the idea now!

So, you've got the heads up on the next challenge so lets see some great entries for this weeks challenge and even better entries on the 14th!!

I'm off to cry myself to sleep now!

Bye x Michelle


Debs said...

I Think it is called Murphy's Law. Never mind take care Bee

Clarky J said...

whoops - still its nice to be ahead of the game :0)

Larissa said...

Hi Michelle

I hope you are not crying anymore! :)I had to laugh when I read your story. Your card is really gorgeous! Love the screens!


Question of Identity said...

Hi Michelle

Thought you might want to check out the blog address below. The guy who runs the blog takes amazing photography and lives in Huddersfield (that's all I do know of him). He only has one 'follower' and that's me - but his work deserves to be seen. Why not check it out?

Love you


Anonymous said...