Monday, 5 October 2009

An Award

I got a lovely award from my new blogging buddy Avril, who has wowed us with her enthusiasm and committment to Tuesday Taggers, not to mention her skill.

Thanks Avril. I'd love to hear the secret obsessions ofmany of my blogging friends but they've already been got so If anyone reading hasn't had this award and fancies telling all then please take the award and leave me a comment so I can come find out what makes you tick!

Now my 5 obsessions, this is difficult because my obsessions come along one at a time and at the moment it is of course crafting so I guess I'll tell you of past compulsions as well as present ones

1 Food, preferably sweet but anything will do if thats not available - a compulsion I'm trying very hard to control!

2 Crafting - Keeps me sane in the role of carer to 5 sons / husbands / brothers, with varying degrees of disability.

3 Blogging - Your wonderful comments make me smile and brighten my day

4 Caring for folk - If I had a magic wand I'd fix everything for everyone

5 Past Obsessions - Gardening, Lace Making, Gold & Silver Smithing, sewing, tatting, embroidery, sock knitting, kumihimo (making japenese cord) and the list goes on!!

The longest obsession is of course paper crafting, every creation is different using an endless variety of techniques and it keeps my interest day after day!

So thanks to my friends who introduced me to crafting and thanks to you all for helping me to feel good about myself and what I do. Crafters are amongst the loveliest people I know.

x Michelle

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