Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday Taggers Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears?   Me?   Never owned one, never want to, cant understand why anyone would want to own such a useless toy.  Give me a doll anyday!  You can wash 'em, brush their hair, make clothes for them, dress them!!!!  Now there's a thought, and another....... and some more.............

and eventually they turned into this

A Dress!

then some chuckling,.......... and a bit of laughter.........and some giggling

And this took shape

A Jacket!

Now some more thinking..........and giggling...........and guffaws..........and tears rolling down my cheeks............and low and behold I had..........


A Teddy Bear.........

To Dress

Ohhhh I've had such fun playing with this Teddy Bear!
Betty Bear was a download from here and was designed by Karen. She has a whole wardrobe of clothes and lots of other playmates to download and colour...... think she may need a real wardrobe to keep them in.............now how does that work????

The Craft Barn are sponsoring a £15 voucher to spend for a lucky winner this week who will be picked at random from the entries,  They have some fabulous teddy stamps so if you're like me and don't possess any have a look and treat yourself.

I've had great fun with Teddybears at Tuesday Taggers and the Team look as though they have too so why not come join us.  If you fancy having a go at a paper doll, I'd be thrilled to see them but will enjoy whatever teddy you wish to play with.

x Michelle


Teri said...

Oh hun, you must have had such a sad childhood with no teddies! (LOL - joking!)
I used to make clothes for mine many moons ago, along with the Sindy Doll, oh, and I used to make landscapes for my Dad's Train too.
Fab job with this teddy though - great idea!
Teri xx

Clarky J said...

Love this! Did wonder what you would do. I still have my first teddy - a cute little one that is flat that I used to lay on - I called him teddy rabbit! Just decided we should encourage folk to post a pic of their own Ted - That would be fun!

Susa said...

Oh, this is soooo cute. I love it!!

Hugs, Susa

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

How rude are you about teddies? love it, Emma xx

PatR said...

Wow Michelle what a fantastic little project. Must check out that site.
Pat xx

Dawn said...

Me Again

Could you Email me Michelle?



craftimamma said...

This reminds me of books of paper dolls with whole different outfits to colour and cut out to dress them in that I used to have as a child. A loooonnnng time ago now!

It's such a cute idea Michelle. I love it.

Lesley Xx

The Stamp Man said...

Love your dressing up bear Michelle, a fun post:)

Jill x

melody said...

omg..that is just the CUTEST EVA! i totally WUV WUV WUV your creation chickie!
and heh..if ya get bored with it..send it my way!


Dawn B. said...

Michelle this is so cute..What a wonderful write up. You had me fooled..Such a sweet teddy bear..Super job.

Toucan Scraps said...

that is absolutely fantastic!

thank you for your lovely comment on my diary cover.

And thank your for the link. My dd & I will have lots of fun with those