Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday Taggers - It's a Man's World!

You've probably realised from the many blogs of Dy's workshop at Heart from the Heart last weekend that I was there enjoying the tutoring of the amazing Dyan on the Art Journaling workshop. It was a fantastic weekend overshadowed by only one thing - I was feeling lousy again, and have done pretty much most of the time since.  

I was feeling a bit better yesterday and being determined that having Fibromyalgia was not going to stop me doing what I wanted, decided to move my craftroom into my bedroom which is in sun all day, and my bedroom into the craft room which is very dark.

If you remember this is what my craftroom looked like

And it's now my bedroom


 This was my bedroom almost finished after decorating it a couple of years ago

But is now my craft room

Not sure I've done the right thing but I do spend more time in the craftroom than anywhere else. One has to get ones priorities right! .....................  Oh dear!!

Of course all this activity has meant that I've had to spend the day in bed, yep in that bed, in that bedroom. All I could do was lie there in pain, and look at what I have to do to make it into a lovely bedroom again..........where can I put all those CD's?

Working in the sunshine, in my new craft room though, I was able to create a card for Tuesday Taggers who's theme this week is One for the Men

I'm so taken with this layered stamping and bleaching, it's a fabulous technique and perfect for using with my new Da Vinci stamps from Katzelkraft, posted to me from The Craft Barn, who incidentally are sponsoring a £15 prize for Tuesday Taggers this week.

Fabulous image isn't it?

Anyway gonna have to go and lay down in a darkened room again, (it's got to be dark so I can't see the mess) Hopefully I won't hurt as much tomorrow and I'll be able to get it tidied and still have some time to play! Now where's that shopping list.............wardrobes, rug, cd storage, bedding, paint, curtains...................OH DEAR, WHAT HAVE I DONE!

See you soon
x Michelle


craftimamma said...

OMG Michelle, I haven't got fibromyalgia but I think twice (probably thrice) about shifting all that lot around. You've done a stirling job so far but no wonder you had to spend yesterday in the bed that you'd shifted.

You're right about those images though, they're great and especially for men's card. Your example is wonderful and the background is fabulous.

Lesley Xx

Carmen said...

I'd say you did the right thing moving your bedroom and craft room around. If I could only get my husband to see reason and give me the living room to change into a scrapbook room. Sigh. ;D
Your card is absolutely FABULOUS! I Love It!

Yvonne said...

I would say, you have done what needed to be done .. I am thinking the same to be honest. I have the box room ..My bedroom is just the right size for my craft room I think .. so I think I will join you on this quest of BIGGER/BRIGHTER rooms for craft! Well we do spend more time in them don't we..

Just loving this card.. and the image .. how wonderful.This card is just perfect for a man, although,saying that .. I would love it too!
I do hope you feel better today, you need to shop girl!

Sally H said...

Oh my goodness! You don't do things by half do you?! Hope you feel a bit better today. Try not to do it all at once! Your card is so stunning! I love the colours and those stamps are so beautiful!

Virginia said...

Oh Michelle - you poor thing! We had a great weekend at Dyan's and it was sad to see your chair empty on Sunday morning - but awesome that you made it for the afternoon! Bless you - look at you go - it will be worth it once you've got your rooms sorted but honestly hun that's a lot for anyone to do but someone suffering with that condition (not not great on spelling that) you must have been in so much pain following it! Sending you positive vibes and hugs hun and hope you are feeling a little more human this morning!

Teri said...

Wish I could have a dedicated craft room - mine is dark and dingy and full of dining table and computer!
Card is fabulous as ever hun!
Teri x

Clarky J said...

OMG girl you do pick your times to get going! Its looking fabulous though now next week how about the shop thats been waiting to go???????

Zoechaos said...

Phew big brave move you must be shattered and in need of a dark room. Sounds like good thinking hopefully you will sleep better and feel better, what on earth does your fella make if this?!

Your card is as stunning as ever love that image, oh heck the list just grew. xx Zoe

debby4000 said...

After seeing your stunning card I think you've done the right thing. Does sound like you didn't pace yourself, hope you get plenty of rest and back on you feet or I should say in your craftroom soon.

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

What a beautiful card - love it! I love what you did with your craft room too! I just sent up a prayer for you and I do hope you feel better soon!

frazzled2day said...

love you card.....I also have fibromyalgia & really sympathise with the whole 'doing anything feeling yuk for days' thing. Am in midst of flair at the moment, fortunately crafting & looking at all the lovely craft blogs for inspiration keeps me sane!! Gentle hugs xxx

Meggymay said...

Wow, you have been on the move, please take care of yourself. The card is fantastic, love the stamps

lisa said...

Goodness Michelle, that's major reorganising!!!! But you've done the right thing if you'll get more sun when you're crafting, after all you don't need sunshine at night do you. Sorry to hear your suffering though. I can't begin to imagine how you feel but send you lots of hugs.
Your card is totally stunning. I love everything about it from the background to the stamping, just fantastic.
Love Lisax

PatR said...

Sorry to hear your not too good Michelle and hope you are soon able to finish what you started!
Love the card, the image is fabulous.

Sandra Hall said...

Michelle I think the sun must have made you slightly crazy for a while there! Shifting rooms is a mammoth task and to do it while you're not 100% must have felt like climbing Everest!
But its done now, and if it works better for you then thats ok! Your card looks fabuloso by the way. Hope you are feeling better now? Take care of your good self... x x

anne bebbington said...

Sounds like a 'Pass me that underfelt' moment to me girl :o) Hope the ill effects wear off really soon, take care (((hugs)))

Vixykins said...

Just to make you feel a bit better, I just popped in from Tracey's blog after looking at her craft room and then you have a pic of yours :-) You wont feel so bad lol!

PatR said...

Hi Michelle, got Craft Stamper through the letterbox this morning and who should I see inside but out lovely teamie Michelle. You kept that one quiet. Very well done Michelle great to see you in print. Congratulations.

Netty said...

Fabulous, love it. Annette x

Debs said...

Busy girl is the understatement. I think it's a great idea. I look forward to the day I can retire so I can do the grat move around sigh ( or giveup crafting to do the jobs I think not ). Love the card Take care Bee

Kim Dellow said...

Good for you with all the reorganising! Looks fabulous! Love your wonderful make, the masking is gorgeous. Kim

Donna said...

Wow Michelle, lots of changes at home and such a fab workspace you have...I can only dream of something like you have! Gorgeous card hun...such fantastic distressing :) Donna x

georgina said...

oh Michelle, i wish i'd been there to help you my friend,you really pushto your limits my dear friend, luv georginaxx