Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tuesday Taggers - Pandora's Box

A lovely little Tuesday Taggers challenge this week from our brilliant teamie, Georgina, Pandora's Box.  Wow does that conjure up some imagery.  Being me though I had to go and find out the full story and that shattered all the wonderful ideas of boxes full of glorious things! 

Have a read and see what I mean!

At one time the only mortals on the earth were men. Prometheus had made them, Athene had breathed life into them. The chief god Zeus did not like them.
One day Prometheus was trying to solve a quarrel that was raging between the gods and the men. At a festival the men were going to sacrifice a bull for the first time. They asked him which parts of the bull should be offered to the gods and which should be eaten by men. Prometheus decided to play a trick on Zeus. He killed the bull, skinned it and butchered it. He split it into two portions, in one he put the best, lean meat. In the second he put bones followed by a thick layer of fat. Prometheus offered both to Zeus to take his choice. Zeus looked at both portions, one looked good but was rather on the small side, the other was much larger and covered in a layer of fat which Zeus felt must cover the best, tastiest portion of meat. He chose that one. When Zeus realised that he had been tricked he was furious. He took fire away from man so that they could never cook their meat or feel warm again.
Prometheus reacted immediately flying to the Isle of Lemnos where he knew the smith Hephaestus had fire. He carried a burning torch back to man. Zeus was enraged. He swore vengeance and started making an evil plan.
Zeus, set Hephaestos the task of creating a clay woman with a human voice. Hephaestos worked and worked and created a masterpiece. Athene, goddess of wisdom and Zeus' daughter liked the clay figure and she breathed life into it. She taught the woman how to weave and clothed her. Aphrodite the goddess of love made her beautiful. The god Hermes taught her to charm and deceive.
Zeus was pleased with what he saw, but he had made her as a trap. He named the woman Pandora and sent her as a gift to Epimetheus. Epimetheus had been warned by his brother Prometheus that he should never accept gifts from Zeus because there would always be a catch. Epimetheus ignored his brother's warning, fell in love with Pandora and married her. Zeus, pleased that his trap was working gave Pandora a wedding gift of a beautiful box. There was one condition however...that was that she never opened the box.
For a while they were very happy. Pandora often wondered what was in the box but she was never left alone so she never opened it. Gradually over a while she began to wonder more and more what was in the box. She could not understand why someone would send her a box if she could not see what was in it. It got very important to find out what was hidden there.
Finally she could stand it no longer. One day when everyone was out she crept up to the box, took the huge key, fitted it carefully into the lock and turned it. She lifted the lid to peep in but before she realised it the room was filled with terrible things: disease, despair, malice, greed, old age, death, hatred, violence, cruelty and war. She slammed the lid down and turned the key again...keeping only the spirit of hope inside.

To this day sometimes when things are really bad the only thing we have left is hope. 

Loved the story after having gone through such a Naff time lately it was really comforting, so changed my ideas to suit the wonderful myth. (wonder what it says about women though?) Never mind the images in my head are exciting!

Not a beautiful box yet though, just watch

There's Pandora looking sad after releasing all the nastiness that was in the box (Look closely you'll see the cobwebs and spiders!

And here's what was left in the box when all the nastiness was released!

Great idea for the card though isn't it and a big thanks to Lyssa who put the tutorial on her blog.

Coloured with Adirondak inks, cut with the Robot Crop and stamped with Inkadinkado Organic Flourish and the lovely lady, a Rubber Stampede stamp. I made a mess of her eyes though so will probably have another go at this one.

I wonder what'll be in you Pandora's Box?

x Michelle


craftimamma said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to post the story Michelle. I'm sure I read it many years ago but had forgotten all the details including the ending.

Your box is really clever and a fabulous idea. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I must check that one out.

Lesley Xx

PS I hope things are getting better for you and yours Xx


Hi Michelle - Such a powerful story, and your fabulous project is totally WOW!!!!!! Absolutely LOVE it!
Hope you are having a good week -
Love, Sylvia xxx

JazzyH said...

so pretty! I love it!

Clarky J said...

This is fabulous as always my friend - Love the story xx Thanks for the Tut link that will be fab to play with x Janet

Emma - Independent SU! Demonstrator said...

weely weely gorjus. See you soon xx

Debs said...

Always told the story of Pandora's box during the school year to my class, so it bought back memories reading it again. The Chinese proverb says Hope is a bird with no legs or a nest" beautiful card thanks for sharing it, not in blog land to often as our blog has died.Hugs Bee

PatR said...

What a fabulous box and thanks for sharing the amazing story with us. Thanks for the link too. Will have to check it out.

Meggymay said...

A fantastic box, great cobwebs. I loved reading the story of Pandora again. xx

lisa said...

Lovely to hear from you Michelle. Hope things are not too stressful.
Thanks for sharing that great story, I learn't something new today!!
You box is fab. I love the colours you've used and those beautiful stamps. That fancy shape looks like the topper you were going to put on the cake!!
Take care my friend and Freya sends you a big hug too.

georgina said...

Love that story and its partly why i chose the title but never thought anyone would put it all on here, well done you!!!!! and i am officially out of adjectives now for your stuff so!!!! it's rather good lol, luv Georginaxx

melody said...

i'm speechless! you pandora box is awe inspiring!

Ildiko said...

Thanks for the story and what a card wow