Monday, 29 November 2010

Just got back to a little surprise at The Craft Barn!

Hello everyone...

ONLY just got back from a wonderful craft weekend away with the bestest of friends amongst a countryside covering with snow while we crafted from morning till night and had our christmas celebrations together in the process.  Getting home was a little scary today though with all the snow making driving so difficult but when we did eventually brave the elements it wasn't so bad and I did make it home to find this little surprise waiting for me

We have a little competition coming up, just for 5 days this week... starting December 1st: it's a 
"find the owl competition"

1/ Everyday, for 5 days, we will post Christmas samples and techniques which I'm sure you will love.

2/ With each sample, you will have links for the material used, as we always do. Behind one of those links, ONE owl a day will be hidden. One of those little cuties above.

3/ With each owl, you will have one LETTER and one NUMBER. Like this... (this is just an example)

By Sunday, you will have 5 letters which will give your the key word and you will have to add the numbers to give me the key code. That's it... 
Then it's just a question to email Isabelle at The Craft Barn to give her your answer. There will be a draw and something to win of course....  
It sounds fun doesn't it? So who's playing??  -  Wish I could but I will be posting one or two samples

See you on Wednesday!
x Michelle

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