Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wishes fulfilled at' Barn

I can feel it you know, that shimmery, shiny, sprinkly, glittery feeling in me waters! It sneaks up on me, just when I've settled into the mundane, that fairy dust itches me nose and throws me headlong into tutu and tights to sprinkle generous amounts of fairy dust all over blogland just for you!

Well for anne.papillons actually.

She sent  The Craft Barn a wish saying

"Pencils! Watercolour and ordinary coloured pencils...I have seen some wonderful art using these but whenever I looks like a murky mess or a childs scribbling! What i s so different about the inktense pencils too, (other than price!), are they like pens? Thanks!  "

Well strictly speaking it's Chris who's donning tutu and tights today, my turn tomorrow and here's a little peak at her sample.

Intrigued? You really NEED  to see this!  Not only has Chris provided a sample but she has also done a free pencil and sansodor tutorial for you to download, which is absolutely superb. She really is the queen of colouring.  Pop over to The Craft Barn Blog to see what's happening. be careful of the fairy dust though, it don't half make your nose itch!

See you tomorrow with my samples too

x Michelle

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