Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Altering Again at Try it on Tuesday

It's definitely an alter it week at Try it on Tuesday, I can tell by the moans and groans and general lack of ooomph from the DT. I'm not surprised, this week we have all been put to shame by our guest designer, her work is amazing. I won't say any more but I think I'll lay claim! We found her first!!!!!

This week we were asked to alter shoe boxes so I thought I'd alter one of the boxes I keep my photos in. 

I kept it very simple as I'm totally bushed today.  I've had an aweful few weeks with one son in hospital 35 miles away and the other 25 miles in the opposite direction, both with severe infections.  What with trying to visit Richard, then having to dash over to Harrogate (35 miles) every day and since Liam was discharged having to take him to have his dressings changed, compounded with both Liam's and Richard's support workers being on holiday - I've had a pig of a week.

So my lovely blogging friends, if I've failed to visit and leave comments, or appreciate the comments you've left for me, do forgive me, I'll try to do better this week!

Hope you fancy having a go altering a box and don't forget to go have a peep at our guest designers work
You'll be wowed!
x Michelle


Fiona said...

What a gorgeous box Michelle. Hope life is a bit calmer for you. this week

Sally H said...

Gorgeous box, hun. Sounds like you could do with a bit of a rest. Hope the boys are on the mend and you get some respite soon xxx

Meggymay said...

Love your box, so elegant. Hope the family get well soon xx

anne bebbington said...

Nobody tells you about this at ante-natal lessons do they? (((((hugs)))))

craftimamma said...

Oh Michelle, what a rough time for you. I'm surprised you managed to make anything at all. You put me to shame as I've only had my daughter and her family visiting and I've not managed to craft or blog hop!

Hope things get better for you this week and that your boys are improving quickly.

I love your altered box. Your work always looks so professional and this is no exception. Beautiful work!

Lesley Xx

PatR said...

Beautiful box Michelle love the contrast of colurs. Hope things will improve for you soon and that your sons are soon feeling better. Chin up matey. xx

lisa said...

Hi Michelle. You are such a kind and generous person, you're guest designer is in awe of you, she is thrilled at what you've taught her to do!!
Your box is so beautiful, it has a beautiful Oriental feel.
Sorry to hear Liam and Richard have been so poorly. I really don't know how you stay so cheerful, I hope they are both doing better now.
Sending you a big hug from both of us.
Hugs Lisax