Sunday, 6 February 2011

Another Day's Play!

Strictly speaking it hasn't been a days play but more continuation of the nights play.  I finished these at about three this morning so engrossed was I!  

Now you'll have to prepare for this cos I've done something I've never done before but may repeat in the future perhaps. Take a seat so the shock doesn't take you by surprise, I've been and coloured......................

a magnolia stamp!

What's more, I've even bought one of my own!

Just to bring you back to reality a little here's the other bits I've been fiddling with

I'm in the habit of trawling round places looking for the oddest things to play with and I came across these copper tags which promptly jumped into my bag shouting "alter me!!!!"  So I promptly bought a bucket load so I could put a few into the Lovin; Ink shop. If you fancy having a play too you'll find them here along with the low down on how to alter them like this!

Hope you like them

x Michelle


craftimamma said...

Tee Hee! Love your Magnolia make Michelle. I'll confess to having a couple myself but they hardly ever get used. What a waste.

The copper tags are great. The colours are lovely and the butterflies are so pretty.

Lesley Xx

Gez said...

Gorgeous crafting Michelle.. I did look twice when I saw the little Magnolia pic on my blog list & your names above it!! What wonderful colouring.. hope we see more on the horizon. :) Loving your metal tags to your butterflies look gorgeous. Wishing you a great week. Gez.xx

Netty said...

Am still getting over the shock of seeing you with a
The tags look great, but here I am going to lower the tone by saying you can buy those square planter tags from Wilkinsons as well.....
OK am off now........Annette x

Michelle said...

Thanks Netty
I'll go get a few more - I love em!
x M

Judie aka Craftymess said...

love the butterlies/dragonflies they are very lush, i want them lol, great projects here well done

judie xx

georgina said...

WELL YOU WENT AND GONE AND DID IT-------- CROSSED TO THE CUTEY SIDE,lol but i love it, luv Georginaxxx

lisa said...

Blimey, A tilda sneeking into your Craft Room, what a surprise that is. They sort of creep up on you don't they. I only have one but love her too.
Your copper tags are just gorgeous, especially the first one. I thought it was a fancy seed label at first.
Hugs Lisax

Cazro said...

I am now seriously concerned, I've been using pink, Janet did cute and now you have not only used a cute stamp but you admit to actually buying one. Oh! dear I do hope we all recover very soon! Like your copper altered bits. Cheers. Caz