Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Has anyone seen my wand?????

It's wishing well time at The Craft Barn again, time for another fantastic tutorial, this one's from the lovely Poupette, showing us another way to use those wonderful TH distress inks.  I'm sad though, I'VE LOST MY WAND!!!!! so no sample from me! I've a funny feeling it might return by friday though, and I'll be able to don tutu, tights and start waving it around!  Just watch this space! If you see it do let me know, there's a special PRIZE for anyone who finds it for me.

In the meantime my sadness remains so I had to resort to talking to my journal

When I get tired and down enough to start having irrational thoughts I feel an overwhelming urge to go and hide in the corner of my wardrobe. Now I know it's irrational cos I'd never fit in there amongst all my shoes but there it is, luring me into it's depths whilst all the time I know that all I want is someone to notice my despair and make my world a beautiful place (ha! another irrational thought lol!!) so this says it all really.

Needless to say after a couple of hours indulging in self pity I'm up and bouncing around again, manic as ever (it's now 2.35 in the morning and not a hope of any sleep!)  Oh well I'm off to look for my tutu and wand.  Do look for it with me or even one thats suitable for a person of my standing (should that be stature - not sure lol)

I'm lost without it!!
night all
x Michelle


Virginia said...

Oh Michelle - I'm loving your beautiful journal page - sorry you've been down hun - but the journaling certainly helps lift the spirits!

Big Hugs


Cazro said...

Hi Michelle I have left you a present on my blog, please take a look. Cheers Caz

lisa said...

Oh Michelle. Sending you a big hug my dear friend. Not much but hope it helps to know your friends are thinking about you.
I think I've found your wand in DD's dressing up box, not sure how it got there!!!!! We have lots of "real"fairies in our house so I'm sure we can spare it for you!!
Your page is wonderful, and sums up your wardrobe feelings brilliantly. For me it's hiding under the duvet!!
Hope you're feeling better now.
Hugs Lisax

Meggymay said...

Its a wonderful page, think a few of us can relate to your feelings. I'm sure your wand cannot be to far away. xx

Netty said...

Now talking to your journal is good, can totally relate to that. Rubber stamps can be very chatty as well, but sometimes they go on and on and know how it is. Wishing you a magical weekend, from a friendly x

craftimamma said...

Sorry you've been feeling down in the dumps Michelle but I have two wands here (left by my granddaughters). I'm sure you could borrow one until you find yours again. Brilliant journal page!

Lesley Xx

Cazro said...

Have you looked on my blog yet?
You may find someathing I especially had delivered for you. Caz

Carmen said...

Now there's something I can relate to! It's amazing how creativity can help us release the darkness and turn it into light, yet leave behind the feeling of what that darkness was like. It's beautiful, because it's something most of us try to hide, but still deal with inside. Really beautiful!!