Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My wand is back!

Whoop Whoop!!!  Hurraahhhhh
It's been found

Two of my lovely followers, both fabulous friends, searched high and low for it and found not on but two!

Caz, a lovely blogging buddy and smashin lady found me this one

But I was a bit worried that Harry might need it so another fabulous friend Georgina made me this one

Awesome are they not?
They are both amazingly talented so do pop over and say hi to brighten their day!

Now I can don the tights and tutu again to follow this little treat from yet more amazingly talented ladies at 

this is from Cheryl, our guest designer this week and if you want to know how to make that fantastic metal rosette and many others types, do go have a look at the fabulous tutorials, throughout the week.

I'm off now to sqeeze into my tutu and wave my wand for my tutorial on Friday
See you then
x Michelle


Netty said...

Oh wow, both fabulous I have wand Annette x

Cazro said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Michelle,
Happy birthday to you.
love from Caz

PatR said...

Gorgeous wands and Happy Birthday xx