Friday, 25 March 2011

You know how it is .....................

You buy something, thinking that'll be great for..................  and it stays amongst your stash untouched for the next 6 months?  

Sound familiar?

I did just that with Viva paints, have a drawer full of croco, ferro etc etc and hardly touched them.  With the fairies over at The Craft Barn showing us all their ideas with Viva this week I thought I'd drag the paints out of obscurity and have a play with them. The tutorials have been great and stimulated me into having a go with the Terra paints - designed to make things look like terracotta

What do you think, does it look like a little terracotta fridge magnet?

This is what it looked like originally

Very cheap and very plasticky

I was quite pleased with the transformation so thought I'd try some more plasticky things

They really do look like pot plant tags and the paint adds a weight which makes them feel better.
There's a new challenge today at The Craft Barn, time for you to dust off those viva paints and get stuck in I hope!

Anyway I've got to dash, off to set up for the Loving Ink craft retreat this weekend
See you soon
x Michelle


Neil said...

Looks fab, what a great transformation! Definately an improvement on the original. I'd love to have a go but I'm packing so i'll see you later (Literally!) tonight! YAY!!!!!!

Debs said...

Lovely ideas Beex

Netty said...

Wow what a transformation Michelle. I don't have any of these type of products otherwise would give it a go. In the meantime I shall just admire yours. Annette x

Lynne K said...

Oh, yes, I know exactly how it is, Michelle! I bought some Viva Paper-Soft-Color paints after seeing an article using them in Craft Stamper, and have yet to produce anything with them. Your fridge magnet transformation is brilliant, it really does look like terracotta! Love the butterfly too. Lynne x

lisa said...

What clever stuff, Michelle. I love the plant tags. I could do with them for my greenhouse. May have to look into this paint more closely!!
I shall be painting eggs this weekend, at least attempting too. See what you've got me into.
Enjoy the retreat I hope everything goes well.
Hugs Lisax

PatR said...

Brilliant transformation Michelle and I love your latest Craft Stamper project. xx

craftimamma said...

That is a brilliant transformation Mkichelle. Definitely time to dust off my viva paints. I wouldn't have expected them to work on plastic so thanks for sharing.

Lesley Xx