Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Try it on Tuesday - House proud!

Hi all

These weeks just seem to roll on by don't they. No sooner have I sorted one sample for TioT then another is due. One day I'll catch my tail instead of chasing it constantly!

Those pesky DT at TioT have asked us to use our home decor as inspiration for a card this week, but my home is so minimal there's not much in it to inspire - until you go into my craft room!  

My living room was the first room to get the minimal touch and because I don't have a fireplace I made this the focal point of the room

I fell in love with the work of this artist some years ago, it has a really organic feel to it and it compliments the collection of pebbles, fossils and twisty branches that I have dotted around the house. The feathers in the vase echo the colour scheme in the room

Both colours I love

So here's the card I created

It's not a brilliant photo but the background paper is made of anyglypta wallpaper sprayed with starburst stains and I just added a ribbon and stained feathers and a little something else which is big in our home - love!

We may be a dysfunctional family but the love we have for each other is a lovely thing to be part of so there is a little heart on there, another love is that of the natural world around us, so I've put a little of that into the card too!

Did you spot it?

We have real wildlife as part of our collection of waifs and strays at the moment as Alan and I are rearing a wood pigeon that had tumbled out of a nest near us. We are well known in the village for hedgehog rescue so whenever animals (or people for that matter!) are found in need of care they seem to find their way to our door.

Here's our visitor at the moment

Ugly little things arn't they

It seems to be doing ok on two hourly feeds of quaker oats though and has started cheeping when I go near it. Unfortunately it will be imprinted on me when it opens its eyes so will never be a truly wild bird but will have a good life in and around our garden if it survives.  Fingers crossed!

So, you've seen what's in my home and we'd love to see what surrounds you in yours and see how it inspires your crafting.
Some fantabulous stuff by the DT again, they are a talented bunch!

Oh and we are really lucky to be sponsored by 

See you there
x Michelle


Dolly Daydreams said...

firstly lovely to hear all those nice little things about your home and love that you take care of the local wildlife in distress. Your card is gorgeous love the wallpaper touch anyglypta has never looked so good (this is a Greek word by the way which means raised surface ) sorry I live in Greece.Your embellishments are gorgeous too.


georgina said...

I'm speechless,luv Georginaxx

lisa said...

This is stunning, Michelle. Who'd have thought that was wallpaper. I love it. It captures your piccy perfectly.
Can't say your poor chick wins any prizes in the beauty stakes but what a lovely thing to do. It'll have a wonderful home with you all.
Hugs Lisax

PatR said...

That little chick is so lucky to have you and your hubby as his carers.Love the colour scheme from your home for your design and what a fantastic design it is. Love that picture it's wonderful. xx

Meggymay said...

Where do you find the time, that little bird is getting the best start to life besides his own mum. Your card is awesome, love those colours. xx

Fiona said...

What a fab use for anaglypta Michelle, it creates a fab background paper. What a lucky little bird to be taken in by you.

Netty said...

Oooh that is such a fab picture with terrific colours.
Love the quirky use of the wallpaper to depict your home colour scheme, clever thinking.
Great photos as well. Annette x

Cazro said...

Love the background, fabulous colours and texture. A truly stunning card. Hugs Caz

Virginia said...

I love your inspiration - fabulous stuff!

craftimamma said...

Lovely post altogether Michelle. Thank you for sharing! I hope your little 'waif' makes it.

Lesley XX