Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tutes at The Barn!

Want to know how this

Turns into this?

Amazing isn't it

And it's just one of the transformations achieved by Neil, our guest designer over at The Craft Barn this month. You've just got to see them! He's a very skilled crafter and has an unusual style all his own, each piece beautifully done and perfectly finished.  Watch out Tim is all I can say!

You can't fail to be impressed!
x Michelle


Netty said...

I am so impressed, this box is beautiful Michelle. Happy Easter, Annette x

Neil said...

Aaaaaw, you are too sweet! Thanks for the lovely message you left me! We too are looking forwards to getting to see you again; saving madly to secure our place for september before they are all gone! Glad you like the box! Have a truly blessed easter weekend. Neil and Sue