Friday, 6 May 2011

Fairy Fairy quite Contrary!

I know, I know, I've got my nursery rhymes mixed up but it has been a confused sort of a week and somehow or other I lost a day around Tuesday I think!  

Ne'er mind a wave of my wand and all will be well.......I wish!!
Thats a wish I can't make happen but here's a wish I can!

Earlier in the week Isa kicked of the new wishing well tutorial at The Craft Barn with a fantastic video showing us how to use melted wax to create the most beautiful artwork and now it's my turn to finish off the week  showing a couple of other ideas for using wax and here's how it turned out.

It started life as a glass plate for a church candle but with a little fairy glitter, (and a bit of help from the stock room at The Craft Barn it became this little gem. If (like me) you need to justify the purchase of a melt pot, do pop over to the Wishing Well for a tutorial showing you how to make the beautiful wax flowers and embellishments.

See you there!
x Michelle 


Kerry said...

Hi Michelle, you are sooo clever! I would never of thought of making anything like this out of a glass candle plate. It is wonderful xxx

Neil said...

Hi Michelle. Fab project as always, so very creative. I have not got a melt pot but one day I'll get one and then give this a go! Hope you have a great weekend!

Virginia said...

Oh Michelle that's beautiful - love it - still not submitted to buying a melt pot - but inch ever closer when I see gorgeous things like this!

craftimamma said...

Oh Michelle, you do make me feel guilty, lol! My lovely kids bought me a Melt Pot about 3 years ago for my birthday and it's barely been used. Your project is stunning and I'm off to the Barn to see how those beautiful flowers are made.

Lesley Xx

Meggymay said...

This is stunning Michelle, the flowers are gorgeous. Yvonne x