Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Steampunked Tuesday!

It Try it on Tuesday again today and this week one of our (not so) lovely teamies have chose the theme Steampunk.  Now I absolutely love to look at this art form but when I try to make something in this style I always fail miserably.   I've looked up definitions, researched different steampunk art forms and still the concept evades me so I've made up my own way of defining the concept so I can visualise something I can produce.

So here's how I see steampunk - As an amalgamation of images from pre and post industrialisation of the victorian era.  Maybe it's the representation of the subconcious fears of the unenlightened population, towards the interaction of the advances of technology on the natural world!

Still confused? So am I!!  lol

The whole point of TioT though is to take a deep breath and give it a go, doesn't matter if its pants - just try it!

So this is my effort! I dont think it looks anything like steam punk but I enjoyed making it so thats all that matters really

Hope you're brave enough to give it a go

Go on - Take a deep breath and get stuck in

x Michelle


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Fabulous, just love your steampunk Michelle, the colours are wonderful and I love all the gears. Your interpretation seems just right if you ask me, hugs Gay xxx

Cazro said...

Well I just don't undersand the concept at all but I do know I very much like your interpretation. Caz

craftimamma said...

I'm with Gay and Caz. I rarely understand the deeper meaning of art in any form I just know if I like it or not. Some steampunk I love and some I don't but yours definitely falls into the first catagory Michelle. I think this is fabulous and I love how you have incorporated some nice colour into it instead of it being all greys or browns. Your cogs and gears are brilliantly used.

Lesley Xx

Christine B. said...

Hi I'm with Lesley, I don't really understand Steampunk but I think your looks great and and I love how you've used all your cog and gears.I also think having fun is the main thing. Hugs x ChrisB

georgina said...

well you know what i think of this subject!!!! but you have made it look soooo good my friend, luv Georginaxxx

Meggymay said...

It looks fab to me, love the angel as well. Yvonne x

Netty said...

Terrific I love your style. x

lisa said...

Thank goodness for that, I thought I was the only one who struggled with Steampunk. I love the concept but have absolutely no idea how to go about it. You seem to have grasped it brilliantly as always, I love your steam engines with their fastner wheels.
Hugs Lisax