Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Trimmed up at Last!!

Well I've finally got some decorating done so I thought I'd show you my living room....

Here's the tree. As you can see I don't like fussy trimmings and we havn't got all the pressies under there yet!

Here's the fireplace all ready to light with our stockings hung - all so very hopeful!

Here's the view out of the window, I'm hoping that Santa lands on our roof!

And now a quick pic of the whole room........... well not quite!

How many stamps, Embossing folders, die cuts can you spot? I started making this last year but became disheartened when it was turned down for publication in Craft Stamper but I've gotten over my fragile ego and really enjoyed finishing it off particularly as it is a present for a special someone...........

Merry Christmas everyone - now I'm off to put the real trimmings up!
x Michelle


Denise and Louise said...

Oh Miochelle that is so sweet. Craft Stamper's loss if you ask me.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Denise xx

craftimamma said...

Wow Michelle, what an amazing piece of work! You must have the patience of a saint. Can't understand why it was turned down for publication but if they had you wouldn't have been able to show it to us on your blog and we wouldn't be able to leave our comments. I think it's totally stunning and I keep having to flick up and down the photos to see what else I can spot ............. even my OH has just looked over my shoulder and said 'Blimey, that's clever'.

Whatever will you think up next my friend?

Lesley Xx

Virginia said...

I must admit I did a double take, I thought that's out of a magazine, then thought no that's out of a dolls house - what a shame Craft Stamper turned it down - totally there loss - thanks for sharing and I'm sure the recipient will love it!


This is fabulous Michelle - so much work and love has gone into the making of it, and it shows. Absolutely love it!

Have a very happy Christmas - Sylvia x

Bee and Dee said...

I agree it's craft stampers loss. It's a great card. Hugs Bee

Fiona said...

Amazing work Michelle, so many hours must have gone in to this piece. You have so much talent, not to mention patience. I haven't bought CS recently, as think it's a bit same-y.

Debbie Dolphin said...

Oh WOW Michele Thats SSOOOoooooo Gorgeous. Dont EVER be disheartened. Its perfection.
have a great Christmas XXX
Big Hugs
Debbie xxxxxx <3

melody said...

that is one stunning and amazing peice of art chickie! all that time and effort paid off ~ WOW! i'm in awe at all that detail work! so glad you shared it with us! you definitely deserve to have that published!

wishing you a very merry christmas! may 2012 be filled with lots of love, laughter and sunshine! it's been fun playing along on tiot and seeing your creations ~ thanks so much for your inspiration! i'm looking forward to another scrappin happy bloggin year!


Clarky J said...

I am thrilled that this lovely project is now mine - all mine :0) I loved the idea when you first said about it but the final result is out of this world - Thank you so much for my completely unique and very special gift xx