Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Try it on Tuesday, Posted on Tuesday - Just! And a DT Call

I'm a tad late with my post today, had to dash down to my son's house to save the day, he's been locked out of his house so I set off this morning with my power tools and merrily started drilling out the lock so I could fit a new one. I hadn't been drilling more than a few minutes when a helpful man popped over and wouldn't go away till he had drill in hand and had drilled through the keyhole (the wrong place to drill) and broken three drill bits in the process, which then took me over an hour to pick out of the lock.

When I eventually did get rid of him I had to get in through a window so I could drill the lock on the inside (in the right place) pop the door off it's hinges and get the door open, so a job which should have taken an hour took nearly all day!

Is that a good enough excuse for being late, I wonder?

Anyway here is my offering for this weeks challenge at Try it on Tuesday

 So do you believe in Fairies?

Here's a close up showing a little more detail!  The ornate fence is a new stamp from Kanban which if I'd have looked at it properly I wouldn't have bought as there is only half the gate in the set!  What's that all about?  Half a gate is really no good to anyone and this is the only way to use the stamp without the other half! The horse and carriage is a Dimension Fourth stamp that I bought years ago and have only just inked up. Bit disappointed with that too as the carriage is lovely but let down by a less than realistic horse! I do love the tapestry stamps though which I've used for the flowers growing up the fence and of course the Lavinia fairies - well what can you say? Love Lavinia every time I use a stamp!

We've another bit of news today too, Try it on Tuesday are having a DT Call and are looking for crafters to join the team so we'd be grateful if you could broadcast the call for us on your blog and if your interested in this or indeed the challenge, hop on to TioT blog for more.

Hope your week's started well
x Michelle


Isabelle Norris said...

So normal day for you? right?
sending lots of hugs
your card is luuurvely
isa x


A stunning project Michelle, despite half a gate and a dodgy horse image! You've done a brilliant job, and I love the rich colours and the fairytale theme.
Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.
Sylvia xx

Meggymay said...

I have this vision of you trying to 'break and enter', good job the law didn't turn up as well. I love your card with is magical coach. Yes, I believe in fairies as well.
Yvonne x

Joan said...

very fairytale card, the coach is lovely.Love to have seen you breaking and entering ! I believe in Angels but not so sure about fairies

Angela Weimer said...

A beautifully stunning project Michelle. love the fence stamp. Glad you finally got the lock opened. Sorry to hear it took all day. Have a great week. Angela

Virginia said...

Wow how amazing are you sorting door out - in future I think I'd politely tell the gentleman to go away as you very obviously had everything in hand!

Bee and Dee said...

Thank you for your lovely comment yes you can come and play. Hugs Bee

Anne said...

I love the colours - and I think the half gate looks lovely. The fairies well what can I say - they are lovely.

PatR said...

Love your fabulous creation but I know what you mean about the horse.
Well you certainly had to put your DIY talents to good use didn't you, well done.xx