Friday, 13 January 2012

Using A Colour Wheel - What??????

When Izzy suggested this as one of the themes at The Craft Barn, I instantly felt downhearted! Bet you recognise this story........

Picture the scene, art class in secondary school, thin sheets of paper and poster paints, the smell of clay, foisty water and damp paper towel, and the report at the end of the year - Michelle tries very hard to produce what is asked of her!  Translation - She cannot do art to save her life!

That was the last time I even looked at a colour chart! Do you get the association?

So downheartedly, knowing I was crap at art I set to with my friendly plastic to prove the art master wrong!

Here's a wee peek at what I gone and dun

Want to know how that relates to the colour wheel? To do that and to have a look at a couple of other bits I made have a look at todays post on The Craft Barn Blog. The DT have had a blast all week showing samples they've made using sound artistic principles!
Bye for now
x Michelle


Angela Weimer said...

A fabulous project Michelle. I find it very hard to believe what you say about your art in school. You are one of the most amazingly talented people I know. I have still to sit and play with the FP. Belle is the little artist with that. Have a wonderful day. Angela

craftimamma said...

I'm a bit behind so doing a catch up this morning and what a smashing piece to catch up with!!! I have loads of FP which I've never totally got to grips with (lack of time as usual). Off to check this out at The Barn now.

Big Hugs
Lesley Xx

PS relate to your description of art classes at school especially the smells, lol!