Friday, 10 February 2012

Modroc Modelling at The Craft Barn

Don't know if you've been over to The Craft Barn this week but if you havn't yet, you've got a great treat in store!

Those amazing Teamies of mine have been modelling all week (no not twirling around in frilly things) but modelling with all the fabulous materials available in The Craft Barn Shop

For my Sins - I was given Modroc to play with and play I did - messy play too!
But it payed off with the finished result

Here's what I started out with - a stone card holder I found in the local charity shop

And here's what it became!

Want a closer peep?

I can't say modroc is the easiest product in the world to use but then I've never modeled before and the only time I've ever been near plaster is when I've been smoothing it onto a wall.

All in all though it is definitely a product I'll use again, especially after seeing the step by steps over on the Barn Blog. Some really good tips there!

I've done a mini how to (thats not a mini ha ha) too so if you've got a mo pop over to The Barn to have a look. There have been some truly wonderful projects on there this week.

x Michelle


craftimamma said...

Hi Michelle, I'd heard of Modroc but didn't know what it was. Your project as ever, is fabulous. You do get some great finds in your charity shops. Mind you, you also need the creative imagination to see what those finds could become!

Need to get on with the h.......k now, :o( but will definitely call in at The Barn blog later on.

Lesley Xx

Bee and Dee said...

Beautiful idea Hugs Bee

PatR said...

Fabulous Michelle. Lucky you coming across this in the charity shop. xx

tianode said...

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