Thursday, 29 March 2012

A lovely day spent with lovely people

Another sunny day today and what marvellous views as I drove from Grassington, over the moors to Harrogate to spend the day crafting with Liam and his support worker Jennie. It was an exciting day today as Liam's Folksy shop went live and he got his first orders immediately, so I hottailed it over to him to show him and Jennie what to do when they get the emails in for orders.  We've set up a stock system, (a box of numbered finished cards in a drawer) and accounts system (a tin with posting receipts and cash in) and made six new Easter cards to post in the shop.

Here are a few of the cards we made

Bet you can't guess which one is Liams? 

If you would like to buy any of our cards, Liam is selling them to raise funds for people with learning difficulties and his Folksy shop has a link on the side bar.  

You could help Liam raise money by mentioning his work on your blog and taking the link to post too or maybe even sending the link out to everyone in your email address book.  If this venture proves successfull we want to make the group of crafters bigger and branch out to providing meaningful, self sustaining activity for many more people with learning difficultis.

From little acorns.........

Hope you've had as lovely a day as I've had

x Michelle


Virginia said...

OH Michelle they are all fabulous and in answer to your question I can't tell which one Liam's is - they are all gorgeous! Hope this venture proves to be the little acorns that you want!

Happy Days said...

Wow Michelle these are truly fantastic. I'll add a link on my sidebar for you - good luck with this venture, it's a brilliant idea. xxx

ps wouldn't have a clue as to which one is Liam's but gonna guess that they all are??