Thursday, 12 October 2017


Well they were on my desk asking to be played with, so I did!

I bought brusho's a couple of weeks ago and of course immediately got them out and had a play. I must say I wasn't all that impressed, the colours have such a strong pigment that I didn't like the effect when stamped over, but....... 
when combined with spooky stencils and stamps from Visible Image  
along with some black embossing powder,I found a bit of magic!

I used the stencil over the brusho's backgrounds I had already made and inked black soot over them - well impressed!
The little skulls were just stamped and embossed with black embossing powder and the sentiment drawn freehand.

Quite pleased with the insert too

How easily simple minds are pleased!

Before I bob off to play with Lavinias I wanted to share an idea I had for labelling my brusho's 

The circles are punched out of sticky labels, using a punch that fits snug in the recess of the top, then coloured with a bit of powder painted on with a wet paintbrush. So easy to find the colour I want to use now. I wonder how many other ways I can use these vibrant colours.......

Hope the bad weather weather is giving you a reason to stop in and play.

X Michelle

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