Friday, 3 November 2017

Baby Bits

Something a little different today. I’ve no idea why but I fancied knitting a baby cardi with some lovely soft fleece I had spun. I couldn’t find a pattern to work with my homespun so made it up as I went along.

Lovin’ ewe is the logo for all the textiles I make from the wool from our sheep.

This yarn is spun from the wool of one of  three tiny pet lambs called snap, crackle and pop, which didn’t grow any bigger than a sheepdog, but which have the softest of fleece.

So pleased to have managed to make something special from their soft fleece.

I’m wondering if a hand spun, hand knitted baby cardi will sell? I might just have to pop it in our Folksy shop to find out!

Hope your enjoying the lovely autumn days. So warm and sunny!

Bye for now
Michelle x

1 comment:

Christine B. said...

Beautiful Michelle . I'm sure that someone would love to put their baby in it. Love the name of the sheep. Xxxx