Thursday, 11 June 2009

Good Friends!!

My Crafty friend Emma who supplies all my stampin up bit's and pieces, was having a romantic weekend in Harrogate with her husband Andy this weekend and wanted to meet up on Sunday so we decided to meet at Bolton Abbey, where I grew up. I knew Andy would appreciate the opportunity to take some photo's and it's one of my most favorite places in all the world. (Our house, the one I grew up in, is just out of picture)

He took some great photos and I really enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed afternoon. One of the best I've had not crafting in a long time, until that is, I decided to have a paddle to see if there were many crayfish in the river Wharfe. I have been keeping a check on the crayfish from time to time cos our rivers are being invaded by an american offcumden which is killing all our native species off. Little did I know that those very good friends of mine had turned traitor and recorded the incident for all time!!

Not a pretty site on a sunday afternoon amongst all that beauty. (I may never speak to them again ; )
Not only that there wasn't a British crayfish to be found!

Thanks for a great afternoon guys, Hope it gives the rest of you bloogers (or even bloggers) a smile!
bye for now
x Michelle


Jo in Oz said...

Lol Michelle, just how I remember you too!!!! Only joking - ace photos though, glad you had a lovely, relaxing time. Jo x

anne bebbington said...

Mmmm - definitely not your best side love :o)))))

IsaNorris said...

LOL @ the photo !! friends, huh ??
the abbey is lovely ! gorgeous picture
thanks for sharing

Debbie Dolphin said...

love the priory.we were very fortunate to get married there with my hubby being from there too.
love it.its a very special place
debbie xx

The Stamp Man said...

I love Bolton Abbey too, it has been my favourite place to go since I moved here and I've spent many hours there.

I always tell visitors it is the most beautiful place on earth and they must visit while in the area.

Some people dream of tropical islands as paradise, my idea of paradise is Bolton Abbey! I've loads of happy memories attached to it.

Nice photo Michelle!!

Jill x

lisa said...

Oh Michelle, lucky you growing up in Bolton Abbey.
It is such a beautiful place. I came through last Monday after having a crafty visit to Embsay. We always come back over the moor and drop down into the village on the way home. It was just beautiful with all the buttercups and wild flowers. We are so lucky living here aren't we.


Emma - A crazy crafter said...

I had nothing to do with that photo Michelle. It was all Andys doing. I had a really great afternoon and enjoyed chatting with you. Can't wait to see you soon. Emma xx

Donna said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Michelle and a great piccy of your rear lol! So sorry to hear you have been feeling so poorly this week, I hope you are on the mend soon and feel like doing some crafting :) Donna x

Fran said...

I recognized the photo immediately as Bolton Abbey. While visiting Skipton I enjoyed a visit to BA with Helene from Magenta and others. We had such a fun time and took lots of pics. As an American myself, it is hard to imagine have grown up right near there...