Monday, 29 June 2009

Tag It On Challenge

Dragons dream Tag it On challenge this week has an interesting challenge to create a tag with the theme Earth Goddess. I knew which stamp I wanted to use and how I wanted it to feel but thought I'd do a bit of research to inform my design and of course an earth goddess is a goddess of fertility and vegetation. The greek earth goddess Gaia is said to have given birth to most of the other greek Gods and was therefore considered the mother of all gods and there are earth goddesses in many other cultures including Norse, Celtic, Hindu, Maori, American Indian and South American cutures to name but a few. In all of them however the earth goddess is considered to represent mother earth and the fertility, healing and nurture that is associated with the 'earth mother'

Ok lecture over! I thought it was interesting and reading all this kept me pleasantly employed for a while before the greater pleasure of creating my 'earth goddess' So here she is
I've put a little symbolism in there too, the circle and the sun symbol on the ribbon are said to represent the earth goddess and fertility, whilst the stones are healing crystals which are believed to promote health, fertility, peace, etc.

So, hope you've not been too bored and you like my tag, I've really enjoyed making it!
x Michelle


Clarky J said...

Wow its fabby Michelle! I looked at the challenge and thought I had nothing that fitted in but hey i have this stamp too! Love how you have used her - Yet again in a gorgeous context - I loved the mirror image one but this is just wow! Hope you are feeling a little better today hun xx speak later xx Janet

Dragon said...

Oh Michelle, she is truly lovely and a real eternal goddess... I love all the delicate stamping. Thanks for playing with my dreams again this week.

lisa said...

Oh Michelle. I'm totally in love with this. I'd like it hanging on my wall. The way you've coloured it is just gorgeous and all the little symbolism. I feel quite educated too, great bit of info!!!!
I've sent you an e-mail via Tuesday Taggers about Embsay, hope you get it ok.