Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Monday

I know it's wednesday, not that confused! but just getting round to posting about the great evening I had with some lovely lasses in Skipton.

Over the years I've fallen out with toiletry manufacturers as they use chemicals which we know do not do us any good, and as a consequence have had to learn how to make toiletries and skin care products myself.
The gorgeous gals I craft with wanted to know how to do this so we organised a few lotionas and potions workshops to show them the ropes.

Monday was the second of three and we set to making a Spa smellies set

The most expensive item here is the bottle in the middle (not the shower gel, just the bottle) The candle in the wooden box, the jar for the bath salts and the washmit were all from my favourite shop, poundland and altogether these things will make a lovely set for a Christmas present.

The candle was primed with gesso then coloured with TH distress inks and stamped with SU shell stamps which were roughly coloured with more ink. We bashed it around a bit, rubbed it down with a nail file and altered a pounds worth of candle into something that looks so shabby it could've been on the beach forever!!

Along with that we made White Horse Sea Foam shower gel, Body Soak Sea Salt, and a fantastic melt and pour soap which we havn't named yet, all with a lovely fresh smell, evocative of the sea.

I had a great night girls, thanks so much for your company and your appreciation.

Right, I'm up almost up to date now!

Hope you're having a fun week
x Michelle


Avril Ann said...

OMG Michelle how wonderful that you can do all this, I remember making eye shadow when I was a wee girl, with blue bubble bath and talc....MMM not good for the eyes that one....LOL, Love you set and what a wonderful gift for someone...Hugs Avril xxx

Yvonne said...

This is a fantastic set .. would love to get one of them for a gift. Now the question...I suffer alot with different chemicals from soaps / etc. Manily lanolin all the things for execma i am allergic too. How hard is it to get stuff to create these for someone like me. Sorry to be a pain, but i just cannot use anything... and help pointing in the right direction would be a very big help. I JUST LOVE THEM!

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

Wow! What a beautiful array of products! We had a spa day at church last year and made some bath salts - but nothing like this! What a cool idea!

lisa said...

Wow, Michelle, these are great. Fancy being able to make your own toilettries and to make the packing look like a million dollars too. There are going to be some lucky people come Christmas time. Sounds like you had a great time!!


Sally H said...

How do I get myself on your Christmas list?!!!! Stunning to look at, but I want smellyvision!

Sandra said...

Crikey Michelle... this set is gorgeous!! You should open your own shop. I'm sure this time next year you'll be a mill-yon-aire!!!
Sandra x

Fiona said...

Wow Michelle, how talented are you ? These products are fantastic and the packaging is amazing. Thanks for your kind words.
Fiona x

PatR said...

Fantastic Michelle. What a totally wonderful gift. You are so clever.
Pat xx