Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Things that go bump in the night

Tuesday's a good day to Play and this tuesday's no exception. Tuesday Taggers are off again, on their quest to be best ha ha! At leadt it rhymes even if it isn't strictly true!!

This week the challenge involves spooky goings on and things that make your hair stand on end so we would love to see your 'things that go bump in the night', not necessarily ghouls and ghosties, if you can think of anything else that goes bump in the night we'd like to see it (as long as you keep it clean....ish)

I started off making a tag but it developed into this little tableau. When Liam was little we used to take every opportunity to stimulate him mentally and physically, and one way we used to do that was through music, so we would trawl around looking for different types of music he would respond to. Al and I discovered Tom Waites man moons ago and the words on the house are from a song which used to see us all dancing and singing around the house pretending to be skeletons.

The house was an downloaded image cut with robo cop and the bones are on a inca stamp and just stamped onto orange vellum along with a few birds from a crafty individuals stamp.

I've put the music on the blog top left hand for you to have a listen, it's great!! Double click on track 6 and it'll play for you.

Comon then, lets see what goes bump in the night in your house!!

x Michelle


Maria Matter said...

oh Michelle, this is fabulous!!!!
love the little dancing skeletons! :)

It's so fun to hear your thought process on how this developed!
Blessings, Maria

Teri said...

Great project - love the words!
Have a great day.
Teri x

PatR said...

Brilliant creation and I love the words, made me smile.
Love Pat xx

Debs said...

Really like the card, I want to have a go at the challenge, but I am always to late to post the card Boo hoo Liked the nice blog info as well bee

Sally H said...

Fab! The only thing I can think of that goes bump in the night here is me elbowing Steve when he snores!!!

Avril Ann said...

Fabulous Michelle, you have such great ideas, and put them together so well. Hugs Avril xxx

Sandra said...

How creative is this?? Love it!! What a fabulous idea. Off to listen to the track.
Sandra x