Sunday, 22 November 2009

Happy Everything!

Yesterday was Fizz's (Liam's fiance) birthday and she wanted to have a meal with all her family around her and I was thrilled that she now considers me her family and invited me to the most enormous chinese takeaway dinner I've ever seen. I wanted to make her something nice so had a look on line to find some exploding boxes and came across Elaines blog where she has some of the most beautiful work do have a look, you'll be so impressed. I didn't have time to do anything like hers but did manage to get this done in an hour or so before I had to set off for the dinner.
Click on to have a closer look.


My lovely friends Emma and Georgina showed me how to do the roses and I then designed them on the robot crop cos i havn't got a punch so cut a load in different sizes and coloured them.  The leaves I designed on robot crop too but the butterfies were stamped onto a couple of layers of fantasy film and ironed whilst still on the stamp I think the stamps are elusive images.  They look a bit yellow in the photo but in real life shine all sorts of colours.  The swirl border is a Kelli Panicci Borders 2 stamp.

A year on from their engagement and a year to go till they marry, plans are well in hand. The material is purchased for me to make the wedding dress, the church is booked, Betty's in Harrogate is booked for the reception, bridesmaids are chosen  and the plans are almost finalised for the studio mews to be built next to Fizz's mum's house in Harrogate and Liam is living the life of Riley, so for the Anniversary of their engagement wich is today, I made them this canvas.

I've used the photo before to make a scrapbook page but Fizz and Liam wanted a copy so I printed it onto canvas, stamped the flourish (Sketchy Flourishes) and Highlighted it with Sakura clear star and stretched it on a frame.  Made the butterfly and stuck it on with diamond glaze and decided that was enough.

I love the tenderness in their little hands!

I'm going to lay down in a darkened room now - too much food and wine does a body no good at all!
Happy Everything
x Michelle


lisa said...

Hi Michelle. You've got an lovely extended family now, that's so lovely. Fizz must have been thrilled with your box, it's stunning and in an hour too, amazing!!!!
Congrats on their Anniversary. Bettys for the reception, Wow, now that's posh. I just nose through the window as I slouch by, I'm not worthy of entering in!!! Just kidding.
The canvas you made them is stunning, something for their new home.


Sally H said...

Wonderful box and canvas, Michelle! I can't believe you did it in an hour! The butterflies are stunning. Sounds like you have everything well organised for the wedding. Good luck to them. Nice for you to gain a daughter(in law) too!

xxNikkixx said...

Your box and canvas are gorgeous...hugs Nikki x

Teri said...

Beautiful, just beautiful - love these!!
Teri xx

anne bebbington said...

How wonderful to hear of their plans and dreams - such a long way down the road from that day in CD when Liam pointed to me and signed 'friend' - my heart sings for you and for him

Debbie Dolphin said...

thats totally gorgeous michelle

Clarky J said...

Both these are truly stunning friend - your work is always so inspirational. What a precious gift that canvas is x Janet

debby4000 said...

Gorgeous exploding box and thanks for link.
Love the canvas too its so beautiful.

magic boxes said...

Oh My Goodness Michelle

This box is absolutely stunning - an hour - I don't even want to admit to how long it takes me!!!!!

Your box and canvas are completely gorgeous. What talent!

Elaine X