Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Making me Smile

I havn't seen anyone to talk to today and I must share this little treasure!  Liam took Fizz out to an itialian restaurant for a meal yesterday to celebrate the anniversary of their engagement, where they went on their own after booking it and getting dressed up in their gladrags.  Fizz's mum went to collect them as it was late on a weekend and the pubs were full, to find them replete after having a meal and ordering dessert and coffee ............. and polishing off a £17 bottle of Pino Grigio.

We thought that they had perhaps ordered this by mistake but Liam said no, they ordered it because they wanted a wine they would enjoy!!!

I know I always intended Liam having a full life but as my very special friend Anne said in her comment on the last post. Who'd have thought it 17 years ago when he signed friend to her because he couldn't speak.

I'm so happy for him I could cry.
x Michelle

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Anne Jagger said...

What a lovely story Michelle. Thank you for your kind comments. I was so sorry to read about your little cat - they are part of the family aren't they?
I LOVE your Tuesday Taggers exploding box this week. I have one of those little trees but I wouldn't have thought of using it to do that - thank you so much for the inspiration. Lovely blog x x x Take care love Anne x x x x