Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Art Journaling

I don't know if you realised, but this weekend I was away in Harrogate, participating in an Art Journaling workshop weekend at Heart from the Heart where we explored the relationship between Art, colour and emotions and learned to create a journal using all these elements in wierd and wonderful ways.  Art Journalling for the uninitiated is a way of recording emotional experience in our lives using an image or a colour as a stimulus for writing the journal.

I know it's difficult to get your head round and I had no idea what I'd let myself in for but it was the most amazing weekend after which I was really fired up to have a go.

I got home sunday night to find my OH in a right tiz, feeling grotty and being disgreeble which hadn't improved by the time we went to bed. Within 5 minues he ws snoring and I was layed there fuming at the injustice of it and couldn't sleep - SO, I got up and did this


Sorry I havn't tidied up the photo but it does reflect the subject matter.
The process really did help me rationalise it all and I went to bed a lot calmer, having reasoned that Al didn't mean to upset me but was just feeling pretty wrotten.

The next page however is more typical of the usual form of journal page, using colour, imagery and doodling to finish it. Very definately not my usual thing but I am enjoying it and know it will help me deal with life's trauma in a fairly positive way.

Very different isn't it?
Let me know what you think.
Hope you're all having a great week
x Michelle


Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

I love your journal pages - and what a wonderful way to get your feelings out! Instead of stewing - make art! I do love the colors you used too - very intense!

The Stamp Man said...

Bet you had a great time, I'm very impressed with your first pages, the first photo is full of emotion and certainly makes a statement of your feelings at that time, you did a great job interpreting it onto your page.

Jill x

Dylan said...

Hiya babe, cool the use of colour, and great that you are channeling your emotion into the journal and not your head xx

Sally H said...

I love your use of colour and what a wonderful way to vent your emotions (I tend to lie and fume next to a snoring man too!) I've got as far as buying a journal, but haven't done anything with it x

Clarky J said...

Fan bloody tastic my friend - I absolutely love this! As you say its not your usual style No 1 maybe but I do see elements of your style in no 2. How fabulous that you are ready to share this so soon - Im still a dithering about whether to share or not Well done you xx J x

Sandra Hall said...

Michelle, they are brilliant! The first one with the 'dark' image - well you can totally see you fuming there - good idea to get up and journal - its a great way to vent! and the second one is amazing, I love your use of the white dots, it totally makes the page 'pop'.
Sandra x x

Lynne K said...

Wow! These are superb! So full of feeling and energy. I'm really impressed, & wish I could do that. One day, I might have a try...

Speaking from experience, I totally sympathise with you about the snoring, too!!

PS. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, much appreciated.

Virginia said...

Wow these pages are fantastic, love how you put your emotions down on a page rather than feeling pent up - the first page is fantastic as is the image - love it love it love it.

The second page is absolutely gorgeous I love how you've crossed the lines - they look fantastic - like Sandra says really does POP - absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


Artyjen said...

Fab-u-lous! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pages....I love the darkness of the first one and the brightness of the second :)

Avril Ann said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend, and enjoyed it, so looking forward to meeting you all in this journal, hope you are ready for your brains to be picked...LOL. Hugs Avril xxx

Chris said...

Stunning pages I love them both. You can tell the feeling that went into the first and the second is so gorgeously bright...ooooh
Chris xx

Marit said...

I found you through Dyan (a link on her blog) and I must say it's so nice to visit new blogs and meeting new people and art! Yes, art journaling can be very "therapeutic" and therefor I love the first photo! The second page is so happy... Love the bright colours and doodling! Very inspirational indeed! Have a happy weekend Michelle!

Debbie Dolphin said...

Really fab .very much from the heart.Ive never tried this but probably would like it as I was the worlds best doodler! as a teen!!! always hearts though!!!lol
debbie xxx

morningDove said...

i love both of these. Your "H" in why looks like a bat in #1. was that intentional? really great display of emotion.
and i love 2 the flowers of '60s and the lines are wonderful. great journal page, one i would love to create but i find it very hard to begin.

Sandra said...

You go girl! Let it out....all over the page!! what ever makes you feel better is a good thing in my book.
Sandra x

Sarita said...

Love your art, especially as it comes from the heart,
Fab work Michelle,
Love Sarita xx