Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday Taggers - Love, Peace and Joy

Well it's tuesday taggers on wednesday again but I do have a goodish excuse for being late this week. Alan and I spent all day at the hospital yesterday being put through his paces in an assessment for some new treatment for his heart condition which has been found to improve the health of recipients by a factor of 70%, even trying out the equipment to see if he would be able to tolerate it, only to be told at the end of the appointment that of the 7 people from North Yorkshire who have been prescribed the treatment, not one of them has managed to obtain funding for it from the health authority. 1 guy sold his house to pay for it, another moved to West Yorkshire and got the treatment within a month of moving.  When you take into account that Al gets chest pain just filling the dishwasher you'll understand why I couldn't be bothered to do anything last night let alone mess about on the puter!

Heres wishing the board of the North Yorks PCT love peace and joy in the coming months when they will make a decision to refuse us the same!!!!!!!

OK Rant over!

Tuesday Taggers then want us to to make something - anything but it must encorporate the theme in some way. The most obvious theme is a Chrismas theme so Christmas I did

I found the score to silent night on the internet and printed it off, cut a nestie and inked it, made a rose and  added the holly with a quick bit of grunging around the craft card blank and rudolph's your reindeer it was done!  If only making a card was this easy!
It is a fairly simple card though and I think it's one of my favorite so far but then I havn't seen your entries yet! Looking forward to being gobsmacked by the talent out there again.

Just before I go I was wondering if you've heard of 
The Wishing Well over at The Craft Barn?

It's a little project Isabelle set up to grant wishes to followers, not to win the lottery or anything like that but if you have a technique or a product that you want to learn how to use or an idea you want to develop, you leave it as a wish at the wishing well and we (the DT) set to to make a step by step demo to fulfill your wish. A great idea isn't it?

This week we tested out which products work to colour shrink plastic and there are some wonderful Samples so do pop over to The Craft Barn Blog and have a look. Leave us a comment too if you like what you see. And don't forget if you have a wish, pop it in the wishing well and we (the well fairies ROFL) will try and make your wish come true!

In the meantime here's wishing you Much Love, Great Peace and Joyful Days for the next week
x Michelle


georgina said...

Love this Michelle so elegant.We will all have to go and picket the trust for Al,such b----- nonsense,to have worked and contributed all his working life this is a small repayment OOOOOOOH luc Georginaxx

PatR said...

Love this card Michelle so classy. Love the wishing well idea very interesting. xx

Netty said...

Its the same for a lot of the country. Sometimes I feel we live in the third world......
Beautiful card Michelle. Annette x

PatR said...

Let's hope Al bucks the trend and gets the much needed treatment. xx

Artyjen said...

Beautiful card :) It's so distressing to hear negative news like that when someone you love is ill....hope the trust sees the error of it's ways soon.
xoxo Sioux

Meggymay said...

Gorgeous card, hope you get all you need to aid your OHs recovery. xx

themessycraftroom said...

Lovely card Michelle. I hope your Al gets the much needed treatment. Hugs xChrisB

Cazro said...

I love your card Michelle, very stylish. I do hope your OH has a positive outcome for future treatment. Words fail me with this country of ours.

IsaNorris said...

"The well fairies" LOLOL, love it!
Do you think if I was doing something about winning the lottery it would work?? I wish!!
Anyway, your card is beautiful!! truly
isa x

craftimamma said...

Your Al (and you) have my sympathies Michelle. I'm having a particularly bad week of trying to swallow unfairness, not on a health issue and not involving me personally - even worse, one of my hard working kids!!! Nothing we can do except carry on as best we can, eh? I'll keep my fingers crossed Al is the exception rather than the rule on this occasion.

As for the card ........... it's beautiful as always and the rose is a stunner.

Lesley Xx

lisa said...

Health funding is an eternal mystery isn't it and so unfair. You both must be so fed up of all the trials and tribulations you've had lately. I shall keep everything crossed that you manage to get the funding. Make sure if you don't get it first time your Doctors appeal!!!!! We had this with my Mum and although the appeal failed she evetually got the treatment she needed under a research programme. Just depends on the noise you make sometimes!!
Keep your chin up!!
Your card is just beautiful, I love the piece of music.
Hope to see you soon.
Hugs Lisax

Ildiko said...

Michelle I'm so sorry Al and you got to go through all this.

The card is stuning.

Gez said...

Stunning card Michelle.
Fingers crossed the PCT sees sense. Sending you lots of gentle cyber (hugs)