Friday, 14 January 2011

A new Challenge!

The wishing well fairies have worked so hard over the last few months, trying to fulfill your every wish and have shown everyone some amazing techniques to tickle your fancy and inspire your creativity. I don't know about the other fairies but I'm worn to a shadow. My tutu is just hanging off me in shreds and my magic wand has gone on strike, not a sparkle left in it!

The lovely Isabelle has saved the day though by deciding to give us a holiday and see if she could get someone else to work the magic for a while.

You've guessed!  she's started a 
Wishing Well Challenge at The Craft Barn

We've also reached 400 followers so there is some lovely candy up for grabs too. Do visit us at the barn and lend us your magic till ours returns
Love from a world worn, bedraggled well fairy.
x Michelle

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