Friday, 14 January 2011

The Stampman Challenge - Distress

Did you know that stressed spelt backward is desserts?  I didn't untill I saw it on a stamp at The Stampman. They have a lot of individual stamps in the sale there that are not on the website, some really funny texts are amongst them. 

Here's another    -   Did you know that Fat people are harder to kidnap?

Or  -  The older I get, the better I was

You really should make a trip to go rummage through their sale room and pick up some real bargains!

I digress!  we are not stressed at The Stampman, merely distressed so for the challenge this week I distressed a few map pages. I'd like to say this was my idea but I'd be fibbing, my friend Janet spied the map book in a box of stuff I was sending to the charity shop and made me fish it back out to play with so here it is - 
played with!

and here's a closer look


I've been feeling the need to scrapbook since I started clearing out the loft so this is a page all ready for photo's which will go in the pocket made by the maps.

To make the page I used

I stamped and embossed the car onto the map then inked over it and the distressing around the page is black soot ink with the map from the aspects of design set overstamped on it.

I've not quite finished yet, but will post the finished article again when it's done

Hope you find time to come and visit us and maybe join in the challenge.

x Michelle


craftimamma said...

Great idea to use the maps Michelle. I kept an old atlas I was going to throw out ages ago but as yet I have done .............. precisely nothing with it, Lol!

Lesley Xx

lisa said...

I bet Janet is a real horder isn't she. Still she was right about your maps, they look great on your page and have a real aged feel.
Maybe that's why we reach for the desserts when we feel stressed!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Netty said...

Stressed or desserts...mmm tough choice.....of course its not its desserts every
Your page is looking great, looking forward to seeing it complete with photos. Have a nice weekend Michelle. Annette x

PatR said...

Thank goodness Janet was there to rescue the maps! Fabulous page which I'm sure will fit your scrapbook perfectly. Hope you and yours are well. xx