Thursday, 19 May 2011

Paris Fashion!

Oh I know! I shouldn't be jealous but when has he ever let me sleep on his head?

Or stand on it for that matter!

Couldn't resist showing you this!
X Michelle


Denise and Louise said...

lol - this is so funny!!! xx

lisa said...

Magic, Michelle. Pij really seems attached to Alan. Rich is sat here looking over my shoulder and couldn't believe it. I've told him not to get any ideas, we are not raising any baby birds, the cats would eat it!!
Thanks for sharing such brilliant photos.
Hugs Lisax

Neil said...

Thanks for making me feel happier after a rough couple of days! Enjoy the open day at the Stamp man too this weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the chuckle - the nearest the pigeons round get to my husband is the birdfeeder :) Elizabeth x

Netty said...

The time to be jealous is when he cuddles up to the pigeon in bed.....then you have to

Clarky J said...

LOL Netty! Think Tim may even be a little envious!

Virginia said...

Well that made me giggle LOL! Hope you are well Michelle - hugs

craftimamma said...

Ha! Ha! What great pics. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

Lesley Xx