Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cant wait to share these techniques!!

And I wont have to wait long. On 7th July we will be making this little tag book and in the process discovering fabulous techniques for acheiving perfect stamping on a whole range of materials, from plastic to metal to wood with many more in between.  

If you've had a go at stamping on surfaces other than paper, and struggled to get good images or if you've been scared to try then this is the workshop for you.

On the first page alone you will be learning which inks to use for stamping on 5 different surfaces and there are about 10 pages in the tag book!

I wonder if you can guess how many different media you'll be stamping on to make this page?

We'd love to share our stamping tid bits with you but if your interested, best book at Samuel Taylor's, Embsay (            01756 700946      ) soon. More than 75% of the places are booked!

Can't Wait
x Michelle & Janet


craftimamma said...

What a fabulous workshop that is going to be Michelle. I'm green with envy!

Lesley Xx

TAM said...

Sounds fabulous - if only I lived in the vicinity

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

WOW they are really lovely Michelle, magic colours and textures :0) Have a great weekend, Gay xxx