Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Paint Effects

The Craft Barn theme for the week is Paint Effects and everyone over there has some amazing ways to use all the fabulous paints there are out there.

This fell right into my lap as this was one of the workshops at our Lovin' Ink Craft Retreat Earlier in the month so I used that as the basis for my DT sample

Each one of the little canvases has a different technique or product to create the texture and you wouldn't believe how some of the texture has been made. We were saving eggshells in our house for a week or two before the retreat!  Want to know more?  Have a look on The Craft Barn Blog and you'll find the instructions for creating each of the little canvas!
Hope you feel brave enough to give it a go - it was great fun!

x Michelle


Anne said...

Wow Michelle that looks great. Cheers Anne

Bee and Dee said...

Love It. hugs Bee

The Sparkly Fairy said...

I love this! Off to look at the tutorial!