Friday, 1 September 2017

Shiny things!

I've had this house thingy for many years waiting to be altered. I finally got round to painting and decorating it some while ago and at the time meant to embellish it with miniature sewing ephemera, (just realised I've used some of my precious hand made lace on it), but, doesn't it fit my glittery salty paper pots wonderfully?

Now it sits on my windowsill waiting for me to choose just the right sort of glitter for each project! I really love it with my glitter pots in but did like it with a sewing theme. Not sure which I'll go with but for now I'm enjoying playing with shiny things again.

Off to play with more shiny things now, might make something for the Lavinia Stamps Challenge. Now what colour glitter do I need for that?.........

Back soon and a big thank you for coming to have a look see and for your comments, both here and on Facebook.

X Michelle

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Oh that looks fab - I have sooooooooooooo many things to alter - never enough time unfortunately. Much love